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Community of Citrus Professionals
Discussion Bringing the stakeholders together and having these discussions within a private community makes it a valuable resource for everyone.

Groups As there are many stakeholders in different areas of citrus expertise, groups will allow for more specific focused conversations.

Online events The platform allows to have AMA's (Ask Me Anything live sessions) with key researchers, heads of industry or to organize smaller scale virtual events in a specific field of interest.

Join citrus industry experts and your professional peers from organizations like:

Citrus Resources

Most growers and growers' associations in the main citrus producing regions of the worldMost citrus producersMany of the companies directly or indirectly linked to the citrus industryUniversities with a special focus department on citrusRegional organizations representing citrus growers and/or citrus industryOnline sources for citrus information

Citrus News
Daily citrus updates. Covering all citrus elements from soil to glass, research to new tech, from grower to retail and consumer.
With a growing list of resources this will only become better and better.

And accessible for the paying members: A quick overview of noteworthy posts from within the community.

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